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Automatic Numerical Control

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Product Description

Automatic Numerical Control

-A TECHNICAL specifications of the TECHNICAL DATA/ Power supply: AC 220 V plus or minus 10% / frequency 50 Hz/ AC 110 V plus or minus 10% / 60 Hz (internal conversion)/ Power consumption: < 12 W/ Air source: the biggest 0.99 MPa (clean no lubrication of dry air)/ Spit out the pressure to adjust scope: 0.05 MPa--0.99 MPa/

-Function mode: manual mode and 16 kinds of free set mode/ Spit out the time to adjust: automatic timing 0.01 S-out 99.99 S / 0.001 S to 9.999 S two groups/ Spit out the time display: four LED display to fine-tune spit out the quantity/ Spit out the interval time to adjust: 0.1-9.9 S/ Vacuum back to suck function: adjustable negative pressure control to 600 millimeters of mercury/

-Repeat precision and spit out the frequency: precision: 0.01% frequency: > 800 / cent/ The minimum amount out: 0.0001 ml/ Overall size: 235 mmx225mmx63mm/ Weight: < 3 kg/

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