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CNC Milling Machine Control Panel PLC FANUC

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Product Description

CNC Milling Machine Control Panel PLC FANUC

New soft-function key feature

Graphical interface

Dialog operation

User friendly interface                  

High-speed CPU, programmable PLC, hardware interpolation, real high-speed µm grade control

4 layers main board, high integration, reasonable construction & techniques, super reliability

English LCD display, friendly interface, convenient operation

Exchangeable speed-up/down time suitable for servo or step driver

X, Y and Z, 4th, 5th axis control, 4th, 5th axis name, axis can be defined

The 2ms interpolation cycle, the control accuracy of 1?m optional

Maximum speed of 60m/min (0.1?m when the maximum speed of 24m/min)

Complete functions, can realize the circulation of drilling of drilling/boring, circular/rectangle grove, rough milling, the whole circle/rectangle precision milling line/rectangle/arc, continuous drilling and other processing, support for spiral interpolation, cyclindrical interpolation support pole coordinate instruction,

Supports adaptive servo motor to achieve continuous spindle positioning for rigid tapping function.

Built-in PLC program, can edit, upload, download, multi-ladder function.

PLC ladder-line display, real-time monitoring

40M 10000 part program of mass storage space

Macro calls to support macro programming with parameters

Support Metric/English programming, scaling, programmable mirror, automatic chamfering

8.4 inch color screen

Support for Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese by parameter selection

With USB interface, support U disk file processing, system configuration

Adjustable electronic gear ratio

Oversize of Unit - 16 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 5 3/8"

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