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LCD Handheld Digital Microscope

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Product Description

LCD Handheld Digital Microscope

This ultra-portable LCD microscope is the perfect tool for exploring the microscopic world—outdoors or in the lab. This handheld device features a 2.4-inch LCD screen and easy-to-use focus wheel for viewing your specimens. With up to 54X power, you'll reveal hidden details in insects, plants, rocks, coins, stamps, and more. 

-Our most portable LCD microscope! Includes 2.4 inch color LCD screen for viewing specimens in the field

-This microscope includes a built-in 3 MP CMOS sensor for capturing snapshots

-This handheld microscope has a 1x-3.7x and 54x magnification

-Adjustable 6 LED ring illumination

-This microscope includes 2 GB SD card pre-loaded with sample microscope images. 128 MB internal flash memory

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