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RadarLaser Detector - Multi

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Product Description

Radar/Laser Detector - Multi

Product Features

Compatible with most vehicles

For wide-ranging use.

Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology

Provides a wide detection range. POP mode detection senses Radar Gun POP (Super-fast, Instant-on) mode.

LaserEye technology

Enables 360? detection of laser signals.


Helps prevent false alerts.

IntelliMute Pro

With an auto shutdown feature makes your detector undetectable.

VG-2 Alert and Spectre Alert

Inform you when your vehicle is under surveillance of VG-2 or Spectre I/IV radar detector-detectors. VG-2 Undetectable and Spectre Undetectable provide immunity from VG-2 and Spectre I radar detector-detectors.

Safety Alert

Keeps you apprised of emergency vehicles and road hazards.

Digital signal strength meter

Lets you know your proximity to a transmission.

UltraBright Data Display

Utilizes band-detection icons to notify you when a band is detected.

Dim mode

Enables you to dim the detector's display for clear viewing in a variety of lighting conditions.

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