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UV Glue Adhesive Remove Machine

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Product Description

UV Glue Adhesive Remove Machine

Using this machine can separate the LCD and touch screen, if the LCD is still working well; you just need to replace a touch screen. No need to use a full screen to replace them, as that is too expensive. Heating plate is made of integrative alloy-aluminum with good and well-distributed heat conduction, and won't easy out of shape though under high temperature.  When gluing the LCD and touch screen, you should use the UV germicidal lamp to exposure the replacement; you should order UV Germicidal Lamp.

- LCD in addition to plastic machine
- LCD polarizer machine unless Size: 40 x 20 x 34 (cm)
- Platform: 7-inch LCD screen and below the maximum power: 400W
- Control: microcomputer precise temperature control operating

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